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Feeling Thirsty? 7 tips to increase your water intake!

Water is one of the most important components of our daily nutrition. It is used for temperature regulation, lubrication of joints and internal surfaces, nutrient transportation, maintenance of healthy blood pressure, skin nourishment, detoxification, and much more!

Our bodies lose water through normal processes including; sweating, urinating, and exhalation. However, during the summer months, we tend to spend more time outside being active and sweating, which increases our risk of developing dehydration. When our bodies are dehydrated we may experience headaches, dizziness, constipation and poor focus/concentration. Therefore, it is important to make sure we are consciously focusing on good hydration.

Some tips for increasing your water intake include:

  1. Start each morning with a large glass of water - you can add lemon or peppermint for an extra boost!

  2. Carry a water bottle around with you – preferably glass and take a drink during each transition in your day (ex: when you leave and when you come back from your car, desk, bathroom, etc).

  3. Infuse your water with fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables to add some flavour (my favourite is fresh mint and strawberries)

  4. Set a reminder for you to drink water – have an alert go off on your phone every hour and when you hear it, drink some water.

  5. Up your intake of other non-caffeinated beverages including herbal teas, diluted fruit juices, soup, etc.

  6. Enjoy water-rich foods (ex: watermelon)

  7. Keep water visible – have a pitcher on your counter and have a small glass of water each time you see it.

Not all of these strategies will work for everyone but try a few and see what fits in with your lifestyle.

If you have questions about this therapy or would like to book an appointment call (289) 208-5766 or email

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