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Naturopathic Lab Testing

Determining the cause of your health concerns

Specialized Blood work: Naturopathic doctors can provide you with requisitions to further investigate your health concerns.  Common testing done includes: complete Thyroid profile, Fatigue panel, Inflammatory markers and Nutrient deficiencies (B-12, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, etc).  

Cortisol/Adrenal Function Panel: Stress is everywhere.  That’s why stress management is vital for reaching and maintaining health.  During stress, the body releases cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline.  Measuring cortisol can help determine your body’s ability to cope with stress and identify what type of stress management techniques would work best for you. 


Female Hormone Panel: All women can be affected by hormone imbalances.  PMS, mood swings, fertility concerns and menopause are only a few concerns that are linked with hormone levels. Salivary hormone testing can accurately measure the five important hormones that play a role in these concerns – Cortisol, DHEAs, Estradiol (estrogen), Progesterone and Testosterone.  Knowing these levels allow us to develop a hormone balancing treatment plan that’s right for you.


Male Hormone Panel: Hormone imbalances can affect men as well.  Mood changes, memory loss, weight gain, prostate concerns and fatigue may mean something is out of line.  The male hormone panel measures Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEAs, and Estradiol (estrogen).  Knowing these numbers allows an individualized treatment plan to be made for you.


Food Sensitivity Testing: Not sure why you’re not feeling your best or having trouble with weight loss? Food sensitivities can show up many ways: Fatigue, digestive concerns, headaches and eczema are just a few examples.  When your body is sensitive to a particular food, it forms an immune reaction resulting in inflammation and widespread symptoms.

Other specialized tests (including SIBO testing) is available. Please CONTACT US for test prices or more information. 

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