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Services and Rates

Naturopathic  services are individualized  to best support you in reaching your health goals 

Direct Insurance Billing Available

Initial Consultation ($165)

Your initial consultation will be 75-90 minutes long.  During this time, a detailed history taking and physical exam will be completed to gain an understanding of your whole health.  Previous lab results as well as treatments and therapies you have done may be reviewed in order to get a clear picutre of your current health status and how we can best work towards your health goals.  Additionally, your current supplements and medications will be reviewed to ensure you are taking the right products for you.  


Once all the information is gathered, any recommendations for the beginning stages of treatment will be made.  This can include diet and lifestyle modifications, botanicals, supplements, acupuncture, etc.  

Follow-Up Consultations ($70-100)

Follow up visits are anywhere from 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation.   These visits are used to review changes from initial appointment and allow you to work with Dr. Kristin Wootton to further develop your short and long-term treatment plans that fits your individualized needs.  


Regular follow-ups are important as they allow us to monitor your progress, change therapies as necessary to ensure you are best able to reach your health goals, and to support you to keep you motivated during the process. As your treatment plan gets set in place, you will need less frequent follow-up consultations. 

15-Minute Meet and Greet (FREE)

Dr. Kristin offers 15-minute Meet and Greets to answer any questions you might have about naturopathic medicine, the services offered, and and how you can reach your health goals.  

Acute Consultations ($50)

These appointments are 20 minutes long and will address your acute health concern (e.g. headache, cold, flu, pain) by providing in office treatment or recommendations to provide relief. Acute consultations can be made same day by calling the office (289-208-5766).


B-12 Injections ($18)

B-12 injections may help to improve your energy and reduce stress levels. Come in for a consultation to talk more and see if this is an option for you. 

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