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Have you tried Dry Skin Brushing?

You brush your hair, you brush your teeth, and you may even brush your tongue but should that be it?

Spring is here and during this time, many people start to think about detoxing or implementing new routines to pull them out of the winter slump. There are many diets, vitamins and herbal products that are marketed to helping us start the summer off fresh but there are many lifestyle strategies th

at can be just as beneficial to both our spring detoxing and overall health.

Dry skin brushing is one such strategy. It is not a simple name for a complicated health protocol, it is exactly what it sounds like – brushing your skin in a circular pattern with a natural bristle body brush. It can be done a few minutes each day as part of your health routine and has many benefits that are more than skin deep.

Dry skin brushing has a variety of positive impacts on our overall body.

  1. Supporting the Lymphatic System: It’s main benefit is supporting the lymphatic system, one of the major organs of the immune system that helps to transport and clear out toxins, invaders and immune cells in the body. The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes and vessels that run throughout the body just under the surface of the skin so, as you dry skin brush, you can stimulate the lymph flow resulting in detoxification and stimulation of the immune system.

  2. Improving Circulation and Energy: Dry skin brushing can also help to boost circulation and energy. As you brush, you will notice your skin becomes a pinkish colour. This indicates that blood is coming to the surface of the skin, which can improve circulation and boost energy. This is why you may want to avoid doing your dry skin brushing at night.

  3. Exfoliating Skin and Balancing Complexion: Daily dry skin brushing can remove dead skin cells thus, naturally exfoliating the sin for a softer, more even skin tone. Beyond that, the exfoliating action will help to clear out oil, dirt and residue from the spores in the skin so you can glow all year long.

When practicing dry skin brushing, it is important to brush in a specific direction. Typically, you move the brush in circular patterns towards the heart – starting from the feet up towards the hips, the fingers towards the shoulders, the abdomen up towards the chest and the neck down towards the chest. In each of these areas, you want to be sure to brush hard enough that the skin gets a bit pink but not so hard that it becomes red or starts to sting/burn.

So I challenge you to try adding this simple practice to your morning routine and start feeling healthier today!

For more information on what lifestyle practices you can do to improve your health this season, call (298) 208-5766 to book a free 15-minute meet and greet appointment

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